HDTV Cat 5

HDTV Cat 5 Signal Distribution System

Access EZ 9860 Series

The revelutionary 9860 Series can deliver HDTV signals up to 1,000 feet over Category 5 cable, while maintaining pristine signal integrity. Component video, composite video, analog audio (two distinct stereo paths) and digital audio are included in its three strands of Cat 5 cable for each run.

  • Ultra high bandwidth Adjustable cable length compensation
  • Isolated bus circuitry over active balanced line
  • Component video
  • Composite video
  • Digital audio (coaxial)
  • Two distinct stereo analog paths (one for each video path)

The system is composed of a Cat 5 Driver (Model 9861) which converts and sends RCA signals over Cat 5 cable, and one of two units which adapt the Cat 5 signal back to RCA format. The first adapter unit (Model 9868) has one output to drive a single HDTV or an entire RCA distribution network. The second unit, (Model 9869) can drive four HDTVs, and pass on the Cat 5 bus to another module in the run. Up to ten 9869s can operate in one Cat 5 run. Each Model 9861 Driver can drive two 9869 runs, and more 9861s can be stacked together at the head end for increased capacity.

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Product Dimensions (H x W x D, inches)

Model 9861: 4.8 x 8.8 x 1
Model 9868: 3.1 x 8.8 x 1
Model 9869: 7.1 x 8.8 x 1